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Passing the Love of Art Collecting to the Next Generation

The next step is to start them on a step-by-step path to becoming art collectors themselves. As you move them from stage to stage, their enthusiasm and the fun they are having learning this wonderful pastime will truly be a family affair.

· Let them know you are taking a journey with them. By sitting down with each child when they are at the right age and letting them know you are starting them on a road to becoming art collectors, their excitement will be overwhelming. They will throw themselves into the activity with a passion that will remind you of your own youth.

Fine Art As We Know It

Fine Art As We Know It Fine art is undoubtedly a genre and an accepted specialized area in the arts today and has been for some time. There are museums all over the world filled to the rafters with fine art, and expensive fine art at that! But what exactly is fine art. There is […]

Kitchen Wall ART

The kitchen is central in homes today and it should provide inspiration to those working in it. To serve this purpose the kitchen should be decorated to give the occupants a sense of comfort and pleasantness. Ways in which a kitchen can be decorated are many but the most popular is wall art. Themes such as Tuscan style, modern, and contemporary, and country styles are some of the more trendy approaches to kitchen wall art.

Buying Impressionist Cityscapes

The other Gouache impressionist cityscape that I plan to buy features Big Ben in London. The artist is an Englishman named Alasdair Rennie. The scene is rainy and I like it a lot. It reminds me of my time in London when I was a child.

Buying a Color Painting for Friend

Buying orange paintings for friends can be very rewarding. This can also be a business if it is done properly. If you know your friend’s tastes, you can be very successful.

I have been finding the most delightful paintings in orange lately. I have been buying the paintings for friends. They have been very well received.

Buying Folk Art Paintings

Buying folk art paintings has become a passion of mine. I’ve been looking for them everywhere it seems. I found a bunch of folk art paintings recently and I am having trouble deciding which one to buy.

Using The Internet To Achieve The Art Collection Of Your Dreams

Using The Internet To Achieve The Art Collection Of Your Dreams The Internet has largely been a positive and wonderful thing since it became a worldwide forced at the beginning of the 1990s. It has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for everyone to tap into. Education has never been easier and more […]

Learn To Draw People

Drawing human figures is considered to be the most difficult for artists to do. This is because there is no generic way of drawing it. The human figure is unique for each and every one

African American Fine Art And The Harlem Renaissance

Fine art collecting is a major industry as well as a hobby today, purely and simply because of the sheer amount of money that is poured

Teaching the Children to Love Fine Art

That complaint your children might express at the idea of learning more about fine art could cut you to the quick if you want nothing more than to see your children come to love fine art