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African American Fine Art And The Harlem Renaissance

Fine art collecting is a major industry as well as a hobby today, purely and simply because of the sheer amount of money that is poured

Teaching the Children to Love Fine Art

That complaint your children might express at the idea of learning more about fine art could cut you to the quick if you want nothing more than to see your children come to love fine art

The Art Lover and the Art Collector

Are you an art collector or an art lover? You might say, well, what’s the difference? We can probably say with some certainty that most art collectors are art lovers. But we can also say that not all art lovers are art collectors.

Fine Art & Collecting Information At Your Fingertips

The information resources available to every single person in society are now far more comprehensive than they have ever been before,

The Art Of Detecting Forgeries

If you like a certain piece of art then the first thing that you should do is research the artist. He or she should have at least one gallery listing and a biography attached to it. You can also try any reviews that have been written covering his or her work. They should give you a good idea of the style of the artist, as well as hopefully covering the piece of art that you have in mind.

Different Ways Artists Can Use Lyrics

Often times music lyrics are simply used to create catchy words that people hear. These words are designed to appeal and

Decorating Book Club – learn the art of decorating

Decorating Book Club offers some of the best unique selections in decoration book. It contains many topics in Decoration Books due to which many of its members are benefited. It has wide range of titles in cake decorating book, cookies decorating books, interior decorating books, home decorating books and much more. Apart from unique decorating books it also offers different kind of books relating to creativity.

Affordable Paintings: Art Prints Buying Guide

Expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-$500 for an unframed print–anything less than $50 is likely a poster. You should expect to pay a similar amount to have the print framed–note that many prints are designed to be exhibited without frames.

A Quickie Art Primer

Learn the difference between Multiple Originals, Original Prints and Reproductive Prints and become an informed art buyer.

The Real Fun of Art Collecting

The truth is the art market is extremely volatile and hard to navigate if your only reason for buying great art is to turn it around for a great profit. So if you are changing from an art lover to becoming a true collector, there are many good reasons to dive head first into the world of art collecting that are above and beyond the simple financial transitions that happen in the life of a collector.