Textured Abstract Painting

Textured Abstract Painting
Abstract art uses various elements like colors, shapes, light, and lines to bring a painting to life. When textures are added to this art form the painting becomes a magnificent piece of art that can never be recreated and is an original unto itself.
There are various ways to add texture to a painting including simulated texture and actual texture. Both of these forms can be intermingled or used on their own to create the desired effect.
Simulated texture
This is the simulation of texture when there really isn’t any there. It is a visual effect created on a flat surface. You may have seen this type of simulated texture when viewing a painting that has a series of lines that look much like a ripple or may have seen a painting where the lines seem to jump out at you.
This form of painting is actually giving the illusion of texture. This is accomplished using the principles and elements of design. You will probably feel like touching this contemporary painting that has been created this way to find out for yourself whether the surface is raised or smooth. That is how realistic one of these paintings can appear.

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Actual texture
This type of abstract art painting uses real materials to create texture. Some artists may use layers of paint to build up this textures while others may use materials added to the canvas that is then painted over. The effect can be stunning when this type of textured feel is added to an abstract painting.
You are able to feel the actual texture. The abstract art painting will be rough whereas, with a painting that uses implied texture, the surface will be smooth. They both have a completely different look and feel about them.
An artist using actual texture can use different mediums including clay and gels that are available from art stores to build up the canvas first before the painting begins. Mediums can also be added directly to the paint to make it thicker thus creating a textured feel. Some interesting mediums include sand, salt, and even shredded paper.
An artist can also create a painting and then add materials to the finished contemporary painting. As an example, a real ribbon may be added to a final layer of clear paint over a child’s ponytail in a painting to add a new dimension to the work of art.
Each individual artist will use different variations of materials to add actual texture to their abstract art paintings. This is what makes textured art so very appealing. It can never be exactly duplicated and lends uniqueness and style to the world of art of its own.
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