Abstract Art: Why Is It So Popular?

Abstract Art: Why Is It So Popular?

Of all the art forms in the world, abstract art is probably one of the most commonly misunderstood. When it comes to this kind of art, one is likely to come across two groups of people who view such art in completely different perspectives. There are those who may view it as simply sketches or paintings on a canvas. This category of people usually think that the art does not make sense, and that it is very easy to come up with since it usually looks like random splashing of paint. One of the most common comments by such people is that such art can even be done by a child.
On the opposite end of the spectrum are the people who appreciate abstract art with a depth that is difficult to comprehend by other people. This group of people is usually ready to fork out large amounts of money for the art, since they normally hold it in very high regard. There are instances of people paying thousands of dollars for what would seem like a random pattern of colors on the canvas. In some cases, the art may seem very simple, so it may not make much sense why it would be in high demand. For instance, Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square is simply that – abstract art in the form of a black square.
The question that most people ask when it comes to abstract art is: why is it so highly regarded by those who love it? The proportion of people who consider abstract art to be true art is very small compared to the rest of the population, but they are usually willing to part with a lot in order to get hold of some of these pieces. One of the main reasons for this is that unlike what most people think, there is a lot that goes into the creation of abstract art. One cannot simply think that it is a collection of random patterns and colors. In fact, when it comes right down to facts, abstract art can be considered to be the most difficult of all art forms, and this is why it attracts such a huge premium. It takes a lot of hard work to pull off, so it has to pay handsomely.
For a very long time, artists have been using colors and lines to come up with approximations of the universe (or visual references) on paper. For instance, most artists would see a beautiful landscape and then get an easel to paint it. This form of art has been the dominant one for the most part of the history of art, and is why it is most commonly accepted as art by majority of the population.
However, abstract art deviates from this. It can be defined as a composition which exists in independence from the visual references of what one may call the real world. Therefore, rather than paint a flower, an artist may decide to paint a representation of the emotions that they have when they see that flower. In order to do this, the artist involved would need to have skills beyond measure. For instance, if you need to draw a cup, you would just have to get out your easel, set out the cup before you and draw it. However, when you need to compose abstract art, you would need to be exquisitely sensitive to the significance of color, geometry and line. This means that you would have to have the same skills as a regular artist but with something extra. It is this degree of skill required that gives abstract art such a high premium.


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