Find Original Abstract Art Paintings and Decorate With Style

Find Original Abstract Art Paintings and Decorate With Style


Why should one own an original painting? To leave a legacy, to support the artistic movement, to show off one’s own good taste? The reasons are as varied as the clients of a successful artist. What one client wants will not be what another wants, yet the end result is the same: a fine piece of art to grace the home or office. A print is a separate type of endeavor; the printmaking craft is not to be disparaged, but for the time-honored look of original art with original brushstrokes, original abstract paintings cannot be outdone. They speak of the tradition of artistic effort, honed to a career through art schooling or even through diligent self-instruction. What the art does that the print does not is stand alone as a unique piece. No painting is ‘number three hundred twelve of five thousand.’ That is reason enough to search for and purchase an original painting.
Now that you have decided to select an original work, you’re thinking goes like this: What genre should I pursue? Should it be representational art, or should it be abstract art, the sort that is most likely to match my individualistic taste? After some thought, you decide upon original abstract paintings. And when you review your decision, the rightness of it all rings true in your mind. After congratulating yourself on your perspicacity, you move on your decision. An artist whose work inspires you, whose taste you trust, whose techniques are beyond reproach, yes, now you’ve found him! You visit his gallery, whether in person or online. You are impressed and see exactly what you want! But wait. It’s been sold. Oh. You hesitantly ask if there is another in the same general range of color and subject. There is! And it is even better than any other choice because it can be mailed or sent with you that very day. Mentally, you are already walking through the door of your home or office with the parcel under your arm, ready to break it out of its package and display it. The day couldn’t get any better, could it?
It could! You discover that the artist does commissions. After thinking things over, you take the plunge and decide to commission another painting to make a set with the one you’ve selected. This new painting will resemble the first one that got away, but it will be unique in that your instructions to the artist will change the result to a slightly different color scheme and size of the canvas. There, now your new set of two paintings are only one week away from being fulfilled. You go home and rearrange furniture and your previous artwork, clearing space for your original pair of paintings. The week crawls by at first, then before you know it, it is time for your commissioned work to join your first painting.
The day has come. Your perfect pair of paintings hangs upon the expanse of wall that you’ve chosen, the track lighting is securely hung to light it properly, and the guests have arrived to share your joy. The wait was worth it. And you are already thinking ahead to the holidays and beyond, dreaming. But first, you savor this perfect day and the addition of beauty to your home.


Certificate of Authenticity with each original painting

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