iPhone Painting App: Inspired by Jackson Pollock


iPhone Painting App: Inspired by Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock’s art has influenced the iPhone painting app, which is a touch art application where you can make choices and become a Jackson Pollock paint-alike iPhone artist.
This limited and simple app enabling you to create art. There are few options and the tools are your fingers. Despite its simplicity, it is an amazing new way to create abstract art. As your screen appears to fill with paint and reacts to the angle of your iPhone, tilting motion helps create your design. If you don’t like what you are doing, and want to start over, just shake the device and return to a blank canvas. The touch screen of your device allows you to release the artist within; you can draw, sketch and accomplish numerous other artistic endeavors with this incredible digital equipment.
This renowned American painter is known for his abstract renditions of art. Despite the fact that Jackson Pollock died in 1956, his art is living on, with the Jackson Pollock app, associated with iPhone and its painting apps. Because the reclusive artist was a pioneer in abstract expressionism, and notorious for his drip and splash style, it was a great loss to the art world when he died in a car accident at the young age of 44 resulting from his addiction to alcohol.
Not at all conventional, Pollock would place a canvas at random on the floor or alternatively attach it to the wall rather than use an easel. You would not find brushes in his hand, but rather foreign matter and objects, “knives, trowels or sticks” he describes.
Jackson Pollock App Creator
The creator of , Miltos Manetas, is a contributor to adapting a flash application for the iPhone. This application had its origins in the early part of the 2000’s for visitors to the Jackson Pollock website, enabling them to create works of art with their mouse. From here the introduction of the Jackson Pollock app to the iPhone, enabled the tool of creation to change from the mouse to the fingers, making it more creatively advantageous. It also includes enhancements that allow you to take advantage of the tilting features of the iPhone. To become an iPhone painting app expert is not difficult. Color selection is created for you or you can blot your way around the screen with your own choice of colors, creating your work of art with wild splashes and streaks of changing color.
Jackson Pollock posters and art will forever be popular and accessible, some spending thousands of dollars on his drop and drip artwork that has influenced digital technology in such a big way.

Designing your art around his style with your iPhone painting app gives a person a better understanding of his artwork. Once you get the knack, you can put your mood to art! Bright colors and delicate designs if you are feeling up, but then those dark colors and intense designs will betray your dark mood. No matter what, you will be creating art, and not getting anything else done! However, there is an escape; save your painting to your photos and come back later.

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