Abstract Metal Wall Art

Abstract Metal Wall Art

Adding a piece of abstract metal wall art to your home or business is a great way of bringing a new level of contemporary style and character to your space. These types of art work are commonly hand made by metal working artists, which means that nearly everyone is completely unique.  They were initially introduced by Curtis Jere, who was a metal working artist in the 1950s. The reason these types of art sculptures are considered to be abstract is because they lack the type of imagery that we can relate to the visual world around us. This means that there are no images of people, animals or landscapes within them. They all implement combinations of varying lines, shapes, textures and colors to achieve a truly breathtaking piece of art.   Metal wall art is commonly made of aluminum, or stainless steel, and sculptures can range in size from small to large scale. The texturing of the metal is what gives it its most defining characteristics though.  These pieces of art are textured by processes of machining, brushing, sanding and polishing. It is the application of these different types of techniques that provides most wall sculptures with a three dimensional appearance that reacts to lighting and viewing position. Lighting your art with quartz halogen bulbs is the recommendation for achieving the best display of the textural elements in the art work. These are the types of bulbs that are commonly found in track lighting. This type of wall art can also be placed outdoors if it has been clear-coated and protected.   A single piece of abstract metal wall art can actually be comprised of several corresponding pieces, with each one carrying over the design of the adjacent one. In order to hang such a creation, most require wall hanging hardware and mounting tools, all of which are usually included with your purchase.   If you are considering adding a piece of art to your home, an abstract metal wall art hanging will add a touch of contemporary style and modern elegance to your space. They are affordable design options that allow for people to own a one of a kind piece of art.

Certificate of Authenticity with each original painting

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