Esoteric Pictures

Esoteric Pictures
Esoteric and abstract pictures adhere to the same principles as esoteric and abstract art. Many viewers may stumble upon a particular photograph of a brick wall or perhaps some surface textures and wonder what the purpose or meaning behind the photograph is.
Esoteric pictures do not necessarily idolize a subject for its beauty or historical/political/social significance, but they do ascribe a certain aesthetic value to everyday objects. Many times, photographers who like to take abstract or esoteric pictures will capture a particularly mundane view from a different angle or a unique perspective, casting these “mundane objects” in a new light, allowing them to be treated with a different kind of appreciation.
Esoteric pictures are not the same thing as abstract pictures or photographs. For abstract artists, elements and rules of balance, color, and composition do not exist. Any blending of colors, shapes or forms into an image qualifies the work as abstract. Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell are examples of abstract expressionist painters who projected their emotions and feelings directly onto the canvas, rather than simply depicting a subject that expresses the same emotions. While abstraction does fall under the category of the esoteric picture, this category can also be used to explain pictures of real objects that may be confusing or difficult to understand, such as the objects previously mentioned. Perhaps a brick wall may be captured in such detail that one does not realize that the subject is indeed a brick wall, thus throwing the image into a sort of abstraction in its own sense. This image may express any variety of emotions, or may be completely void of emotions in its own sense, and simply self-critical of its aesthetic value.  

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