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Canvas Wall Art Decor – 12×24 3 Piece Set (Total 24×36 inch)

★ ALL OF OUR CANVAS ART SETS ARE PRINTED ON HIGH QUALITY PREMIUM CANVAS using TOP OF THE LINE INK resulting in HIGH RESOLUTION images and SHARP, VIVID colors, STRETCHED TO PERFECTION over a 1.5” SOLID WOOD FRAME with ATTACHED HOOKS for simple & EASY HANGING; Some CANVAS ART claim to be of high quality and easy to hang, but are often made of poor quality materials, MDF frames, not stretched properly and difficult to hang; This will never be the case with our art – QUALITY & VALUE is our mission.
★ BEAUTIFUL 12" X 24" THREE PANELS CANVAS PRINT PAINTING SET - Overall Size 24 inch long x 36 inch wide; Gorgeous scenic landscape view of wild flowers in a field; With vibrant green, purple, pink and white colors, this colorful piece really pops; Each panel is a vertical rectangle measuring 12x24, and placed side by side creates a rectangular horizontal image measuring 24x36.
★ PICTURE PERFECT IN EVERY ROOM - Our canvas art sets are the perfect decorations for any home or indoor space – LARGE, MEDIUM OR SMALL – especially the KITCHEN, BEDROOM, LIVING ROOM & DINING ROOM, OFFICE, bathroom, patio, entryway, hallway, home theater, apartment, dorm, school restaurant, spa as well as above a fireplace, table, desk, TV, bed or couch; Our sets make a wonderful wedding or house warming GIFT and are GREAT for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN who love natural scenery with colorful sky.

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Sea Charm – Flower Canvas Wall Art Blue Elegant Transparent Flowers

Wall Art Set Size:16x24inchesx3pcs,total Size 48"x24",modern Canvas Wall Art for Living Room
Waterproof canvas,professionally printed with fade resistant,premium inks,flower picture print for wall decor.
Includes everything needed to hang your artwork,hook mounted on the wooden frame,come with nails and level,Ready to hang easily.

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Canvas Prints and Canvas Art *

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Canvas is the most popular of all art media. Fine art reproductions, contemporary art, abstract art, original paintings and digital photos can be turned into canvas prints. Printing on fine art materials such as canvas and watercolour papers is often referred to as Giclee. The French term Giclée means to spray or squirt, which is how an inkjet printer works. However, it is not the same as a standard desktop inkjet printer, and is much larger at over a meter wide.

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Canvas prints are fast becoming a contemporary way of decorating living rooms, and sitting places all over UK and Europe. A canvas print is essentially a print reproduction of a photo or artwork on canvas. The patterns and designs used are what define and make canvas prints special. Cheaper than commissioning a painting, yet as elegant and eye catching as any normal canvas painting, canvas prints are fast become a quick and effective way of making a statement, the best part is that canvas prints are available in a vast array of printed medium. From digitally printed canvas prints to the traditional yet impressive, off set printing based canvas prints, almost all major art works have been reproduced using canvas prints.

Before a canvas print reaches the beautiful and arty finish that you see, there are a few steps that are taken to ensure that the canvas you view is prim and perfect. Once the canvas and the method of printing is selected, the photograph is first analysed to gauge the feasibility of the print, although almost all photographs and images, can be converted into canvas prints, however all professional canvas printers make sure that they let the customer know if there are going to be colour and quality variations. You should be prepared for minor colour and quality variations if you are told so by the printer.

Once the canvas print is printed, the next step is trimming the canvas and preparing it to be mounted, or as the technical term used is ‘stretched’. Stretching is a specialized task and involves the mounting of the canvas on a wooden frame, and then setting it so that it emulates a canvas original and does not loose the charm and effect of a canvas painting. After the canvas is mounted and affixed to the wooden frame, the canvas is then finally made ready for delivery. Stretching is a specialized process, and is one of the major reasons, why people prefer leaving canvas prints to professionals. Stretching is usually included in the overall cost of buying a canvas print.

Based on the end result of the border the canvas is said to have ‘bled’ or not, if a canvas was allowed to print to keep the trimming and mounting process in mind, and the end result has no white margins then the canvas is said to have been printed with bleed, in the other case there is a particular area only that is printed, and the white canvas shows only at the margins. Make sure you are aware of both results, as some people actually like the canvas print without bleed as it makes the print look even more authentic (a regular painting does not usually have a painting on the margin).

The biggest advantage that canvas prints of today have is that, with the evolution of printing methods the results are absolutely breath taking, and are ideal for any contemporary home. These are some of the things you need to keep in mind before you actually go out and get yourself a canvas print for your home, or as a gift for someone special.



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