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Decorating a nursery or a children’s bedroom can be fun. It involves picking a color scheme, choosing furniture, matching fixtures, co-coordinating linen and exploring a wide array of kids wall art options, freely available in today’s market.

Kids wall art options encompass art prints, acrylic paintings, wall murals, wall stickers, wall borders and wall letters, to list but a few. Another trend that is fast gaining popularity is a wide range of made-to-order kids wall art, which includes a broad selection of Giclee prints, canvas reproductions and wall hangings. Some older children may even prefer to have a “hands on” approach when decorating their rooms. So with this in mind, their individual paintings can be turned into attractive wall art in the form of a mini-art gallery perhaps, or maybe their assistance can be sought when painting a wall mural; thus showing a genuine appreciation of their creativity; which in turn would serve to boost to their confidence, whilst adding a personalized touch to the room.

Even generalized kids wall art is now categorized in accordance to various themes, be it pirates, dinosaurs or cowboys. For instance some wall art is specifically designed so as to suit the interest of boys, others to appeal to little girls, or even to attract babies and toddlers. For instance, there are many popular themes that kids wall art comprises of, such as transportation themed wall art (including wall art which incorporates cars and trucks, or even airplanes), sports based wall art, princess or ballerina themed wall art, nature based wall art (such as flowers, butterflies and woodland creatures), to name but a few. Incorporating nursery rhymes and fairy tales is another method of bringing a sense of enchantment to even the dullest room, whilst comic or movie based wall art is generally popular with older children.

Vinyl stickers are another alternative that merits consideration when decorating a nursery, as it is removable, washable, and practical.

When selecting kids wall art (especially in instances such as where a wall mural is painted) a safety measure that requires due attention is the use of lead-free paint.

Kids wall art need not be restricted solely to the child’s bedroom, but his/her washroom too can be decorated in a similar manner. Also, it is best to try and co-ordinate the furniture and linen in accordance to the wall art theme selected, so that a sense of taste, balance and harmony prevails in the nursery.



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