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The concept of art has been around for as long as man has existed on this earth. The first art man ever drew can be seen on the walls of ancient caves with dates reaching as far back as 5000B.C.E. This certainly proves the extent to which man depends on art to express ideas and distribute information. Even the first alphabets were derived from small drawings that transformed into alphabets over thousands of years. Some languages like Chinese still use characters that can be considered drawings.

Other masterpieces of art are priceless due to their mysterious nature. Art in its own way can be more complex than a math equation. Take for example, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. To this day this painting is under close inspection by art experts. That piece of art alone is worth millions of dollars.

We may think that art is simply paintings. However, this is not true. Art is all around us, in the things we build for ourselves, the cars we design, the houses we build etc. Despite the fact that you may not have anything to do with painting or designing, each one of us is still an artist. Each person has their own unique view on things.

Some of us, however, are artists in a more direct sense. We appreciate wall art; art that is paint on a piece of canvas. Art in this form is sold on a regular basis, whether in small form or in large scale. Large wall art, for instance has a specific set of people to which it appeals. Since they usually require a large room to be displayed in, buyers of large wall art usually tend to be richer than usual. They buy large wall art because they appreciate it for what each piece uniquely is. Admiring the large wall art in their homes is a luxury they enjoy, which appeals to the inner artists in them.

Large wall art may come in many forms. Usually consisting of canvas, they may be in the form of iron or wood carvings that can be hung on a wall. Large wall art is ideal for a study room, to be hung over the fire place for inspiration. Art has inspired many people over the years. Like music, it encourages thinking. Large wall art is also capable of having a lot of little details. It may take several weeks, months or even millennia before a person other than the artist figures out the true meaning behind a painting, as the Mona Lisa clearly proves.

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