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It is a well known fact that while Europe was busy finding and conquering new worlds, asia was looking more towards human existence and meaning. Asia is known to be a continent where people, cultures look inward to find inner peace and contentment. Many of these ideas and thoughts were put into art, thereby bringing to being Asian wall art.

Asian wall art has captured the hearts of those from every continent, bringing into light the complexity and creativity of the Asian mind. Things that man fails to express in words, man does so in art. Asian art, as they say it, embodies the very spirit of humanism. Asian wall art is looked mainly through eyes of Buddhism and Hinduism. Philosophies such as Zen and techniques such as Calligraphy have influenced much of these wall art works.

Foreign interest in Asian wall art has increased within the last century. As more and more individuals started to discover the hidden treasures of the Asian continent, interest in its art forms and cultures also grew. The Far East is known as the land of Exotica!

Let us take one example to consideration. One of the many Asian wall art to be seen in present time is found in Sigiriya, in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya has also be been names as one of the marvels of the world. Sigiriya or the Lions rock is home to beautiful wall art, which speaks immense talent and artistry, This Asian wall art is famous for its temple ladies who carry flowers for the intent of worshiping Lord Buddha.

Each Asian wall art speaks of a story, a legend or a thought which is hidden deep in the heart s that particular culture of religion.

Yet some of these artifacts are facing the dangers of being lost or fading away with time. Many of these Asian wall arts were draw many, many years ago. And with time taking its toll on them, they are slowly diminishing in color and visibility. Another reason for the diminishing Asian wall art is mans contribution. Tourism is one of the culprits.

There are methods being taken to restore these Asian wall arts to their original glory. Projects are underway, for example in Sri Lanka, to protect and recreate (without loosing its originality) faded wall art. By ensuring the protection of these Asian wall arts, we protect one of Asia’s identities. Art is message. Art is a means of communication that breaks all barriers of language and religion. Through Asian wall art, Asia speaks out to the world, telling of the wonders hidden within it and the stories that history forgot.

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